Shine Through Your Student Life With AMNetwork

College life is fun. You get to do lots of assignments. Prepare presentations. Pressure to score well in exams. Handling time management between studies and extra-curricular activities. Deciding what to do after graduation. Dealing with stress of getting a job after graduation. So, college life is not only fun but rather stressful and needs to be dealt carefully.

We often get confused and lose track of time in managing everything I just mentioned.

Specially, when you are student-athlete who has to juggle through school, sports, resume building and career findings. While we all know how difficult this could be, we also know that you have to do it anyway to achieve life and career goals and you have to do your best at everything. So, wouldn’t it be helpful if there was some mentor to guide you through all these difficulties? Wouldn’t it be good if you could be mentored by someone who had the same interests as you have in his/her college life?

Take it this way- some of you take tuition classes to give you the better understanding of the subject you are weak at. You hire a tutor or sometimes, you take help from your senior. Why? Because this makes things easy!

So, your tutor or your senior is your one mentor who makes things easy for you and guides through all the difficulties you face in your student life by sharing his/her experience and knowledge of the same.

This is where AMNetwork jumps in. AMNetwork is one innovative product built by keeping in mind all the struggles of a student faces in his/her life.

Product of Software Goldsmith Inc., Alma Mater Network, or AMNetwork, is a cloud-based application designed to manage mentoring relationships between former and current student-athletes.

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What can you do with AMNetwork?

University: AMNetwork offers Universities a new and creative way to encourage their graduates to reconnect and contribute to the further development of the institution.

Student-Athletes: Connect to Alumni who can guide you through the process of transitioning to life after college. Access their knowledge, experience, wisdom and potentially their respective networks.

Alumni: Stay connected to your Alma Mater and your former team in a more meaningful way – by creating a real, visible impact through interpersonal relationships.

Who doesn’t like extra help? That too, coming from Alumni? AMNetwork is a great way to sort out career dilemmas by staying connected with Alumni. You get free advice, tips and learn something new. It is for your own benefit.

AMNetwork makes networking- personal.

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